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name: Luna
age: 23
gender: female

life: sucks
love: is hard to find
friends: are precious
family: will never let you down.

"Bitch, I might be."
Was tagged by brandvandet to do this. I'm bored, so... xD

1. "Catillatio" is actually latin for "Extortion."

2. Catillatio was originally made to take part in a 7 deadly sins plot. He was meant to embody greed. The plot itself fell through, but the dickwad survived it. I had to gut his entire character and rebuild him a few times but I kept some of the major character elements that have made him who he is today.

3. I was originally going to name him Avarice, but the name was taken already on the site he was born out of my mind. xD I could change it if I wanted to, but Tio just seems to fit him better these days.

4. When I left the site he was made on, I didn't want to just kill him off, so I gave him over to my friend jynkyz to play while I tried to get my life in order. When I came back, she was graceful enough to give him back to me. H's had a total of two seperate rpers working on him over the years.

5. Whenever I join a new site, Tio is always the character I join with first. He's just too good of a character for me to not bring everywhere! xD

6. In spite of his "I want to control everything" attitude, Tio has genuinely felt love for only two mares in his life. After he left his mother's side, he met with an older mare, Gabrielle who stayed by his side for years throughout his accumulation of power. She took the brunt of his abusive love, bearing him foal afer foal, year after year. IN spite of her kindness, she was always the only one who could chastise him when he did something wrong. She was the stablizing force in his life, and when she was gone, there was literally nothing left to keep his rage in check. His world is a dark place without her in it.

6.5. Lust on the other hand, was his half-sister (even though they didnt know this ICly xD) , and the only mare he's known of yet who could match his wit and temper. He grudgingly respected and loved her inspite of how explosive their relationship was. She was his Queen alongside him in the Burning Shores, but he had no idea how deep her hate of him actually ran. If he had known he probably wouldn't have fallen for her tricks. As it was, she paid the water emperor to kidnap Tio JUST so she could have sole rule over the Burning Shores. Her betrayal still colors his personality to this day.

7. I like to imagine Tio as a Capricorn, but I'm not really sure if that's actually what he would be.

8. As a human, he is a crime boss who takes up a seat in the house of lords. He has a shitton of money from what he inherited from his parents, mostly his mother, and he belongs to the Del Caballos Family. He is attempting to make his own country in the south pacific out of a bunch of islands, and just like his horse self, will often kidnap women to give them every luxury they can think of as long as they let him get in their pants. xD He has a wife named Abigail, but I'm not sure where she would exisst in the horse world.

I tag:
jynkyz with Nether
DEO-VOLANTE with whoever
THE--ENEMY with... idk xD

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